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About Britt

I grew up and studied in Tasmania, before moving to Queensland in 2018. I feel lucky to call these two places home.

I was drawn to study social work after growing up with lots of beautiful helpers around me. After graduating, I continued to pursue my interest in mental health and clinical roles. My previous experience has been working with children and young adults with trauma histories and complex needs, and providing counselling services to children, teenagers, adults and families.

I like reading, being outside in nature, and spending time at home. I enjoy being creative, and over the last year have re-discovered the fun of doing art & craft without any pressure to make something ‘good’.

As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, I bring a holistic perspective to counselling. I care about relationships and community, and believe that these are important factors for mental health and well-being.

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Girl playing with her Therapist on a Psychotherapy Sesion.

Extensive experience in psychological therapies

I have experience working with children, families and adults, and have trained in a range of treatments including:

Bright Space Therapy offers holistic services and support

Learn more about the counselling services and support we offer at our Caloundra clinic.

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Play Therapy and Child Counselling

Helping young people to manage anxiety and challenging behaviours, develop positive coping skills and increase resilience.

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Adult Counselling

Individual support to navigate challenges, work towards your goals and increase wellbeing.

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy, for treatment of distress associated with trauma and traumatic memories

Our clinic in Caloundra offers dedicated child and adult counselling rooms.

Bright Space Therapy offers a cosy, accepting place where people can access support. Providing trauma-informed, evidence based services on the Sunshine Coast.

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